Ongoing Project: CaseRe3

CaseRe3 is an open access repository of case reports in integrative health care, spanning multiple disciplines, and including data, voice and video files as well as full text articles. 


Recent Publications:  

Stories of Growth and Wisdom: A Mixed Methods Study of people Living Well with Pain

Chronic pain remains a daunting clinical challenge, affecting 30% of people in the United States and 20% of the global population. People meeting this challenge by achieving wellbeing while living with pain are a virtually untapped source of wisdom about this persistent problem. Employing a concurrent mixed methods design, we studied 80 people living with chronic pain with “positive stories to tell” using semistructured interviews and standardized questionnaires. In-depth interviews focused on what helped, what hindered, how they changed, and advice for others in similar circumstances. The PDF contains links to video clips of participant interviews.


Immediate Effect of Therapeutic Massage on Pain Sensation
and Unpleasantness: A Consecutive Case Series

Musculoskeletal pain is a common condition that poses a significant burden to its sufferers and costs the US economy billions of dollars each year in lost productivity. Individuals complaining of musculoskeletal pain make up a large proportion of clients treated by massage therapists in community practices, yet few studies have examined the immediate effect of therapeutic massage on this type of pain in the practice setting. The study found that massage therapy was effective in reducing both physical sensation and affective pain unpleasantness in this sample of 116 first time clients..  


Recent Projects: Choose Wisely  

Choose Wisely was a multiyear evaluation of the quality of professional training in an integrative health care discipline in the United States. Commissioned by a national accrediting body, the study combined public Gainful Employment data and disciplinary action numbers from state licensing boards with qualitatively developed surveys of educators. The results were published in a peer-reviewed journal.  


Never Only Opioids: A Policy Brief 

Never Only Opioids was a team effort, produced by the Pain Action Alliance to Implement A National Strategy (PAINS) in collaboration with the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care and the Center for Practical Bioethics. The entire series of policy briefs is available at


Wisdom Through  Adversity

This project explored the nature of wisdom and how people adapt to adversity to emerge with a more positive and compassionate outlook. As a consultant to the project, I developed the project's coding schema, and coded many of the hour-long, in-depth qualitative interviews. One of the groups interviewed for the study was people living well with chronic pain, who had 'positive stories to tell.' Their stories were inspiring. A link to a published study analyzing a portion of the study data, about how people with chronic pain live well, is available under Recent Publications.